Description of Test Sites 

Semi-anechoic chamber (Lindgren-Rayproof - S81 Shielded enclosure) covered with ferrite tiles, cone absorbers and manufacturer approved furniture, developed for radiated emission and radiated immunity tests. Fulfils the requirements of CISPR 16-1 (ANSI C63.4) for a test volume of 3m Ø.

Test equipment list:

EMI Receiver Schaffner / SMR 4518
Signal Generator ROHDE&SCHWARZ / SMB 100A
Antenna BILOG Schaffner / CBL 6111D
Horn Antenna Schaffner / BHA 9118
N-Type cable (2m length) Huber+Suhner / Sucoflex 106
Pressure meter Testo / 511
Temperature and Humidity meter Greisinger / GMH 3330