A shielding enclosure designed and produced using scientific principles, sound engineering and innovative solutions.

Design & Construction

Argonaut enclosures are Faraday cages of an all-metal construction, the main body being built of almost continuous sheet to minimize joints and consequent radiation leakages. They are produced using latest-generation CNC machining and automated sheet forming equipment. Formed and machined sheets are secured with screws and spot welding, and extra EMF sealing of connecting joints is effected by applying a specially developed material. The finished construction is electrostatically painted for environmental sealing and impeccable appearance.

For PC enclosures there is a magnetic hatch in the front, to enable access to the main switch as well as the CD drive. Laptop, mini-PC and gaming console enclosures have a top-loading design, employing a precision machined gasketed hinged lid.

External connections are realized with patent pending design ArgoShield passthrough cables. Mains shielding is provided by an LC type 110/220V 10A EMI filter.

Ventilation requirements are met by the use of single or double (in the larger enclosures) oversized fans with a dedicated 110/220V power supply.

Keeping their basic designs, Argonaut enclosures can be produced in custom dimensions and specifications.

EMF protection Faraday cage
Block EMF leakage - Argonaut passthrough cables

ArgoShield passthough cables

ArgoShield passthrough cables are extensions which connect your device with the outside world while keeping internal ambient EMF leakage at a minimum. A proprietary patent-pending design based on a specially developed plastic/metal grommet and the usage of EMF suppressing ferrites. Their performance has been thoroughly tested and they are economical and simple to install.

Testing & Measurements

Our enclosures are the result of an extensive development program employing rigorous testing in every step. All designs of Argonaut enclosures have been assessed for shielding effectiveness using multiple approaches.

In-house rigorous measurements using modern field meters and spectrum analyzers over a wide spectrum of frequencies.

Using EMF probes we measured every joint, screw attachment, corner, cable connection and mesh, to make sure that all designs and components are contributing to the desired shielding performance.

Certified external party testing was done at the HVL laboratory of the NTUA (National Technical University Athens).

Finally, an important part of our development testing protocol was the trialing of the enclosures by electrosensitive persons (self-declared electrosensitivity, ranging from light to serious). In all application trials Argonaut enclosures significantly reduced subjective effects from electronic devices.

A typical AE shielding chart:

AE provide an average 25-35db shielding effectiveness from 10-5000MHz when used with standard basic external connections (1 display cable – 1 USB -1 Ethernet) . A typical installation, with display, 4 I/O and audio connections, will typically reduce EMFs around the enclosure by approx. 30 db or 99.9%.

An installation with many (7 or above) connections will offer slightly reduced shielding, typically above 25db.

Electromagnetic field protection shielding testing and measurements

Description of Test Sites 

Semi-anechoic chamber (Lindgren-Rayproof - S81 Shielded enclosure) covered with ferrite tiles, cone absorbers and manufacturer approved furniture, developed for radiated emission and radiated immunity tests. Fulfils the requirements of CISPR 16-1 (ANSI C63.4) for a test volume of 3m Ø.

Test equipment list:

EMI Receiver Schaffner / SMR 4518
Signal Generator ROHDE&SCHWARZ / SMB 100A
Antenna BILOG Schaffner / CBL 6111D
Horn Antenna Schaffner / BHA 9118
N-Type cable (2m length) Huber+Suhner / Sucoflex 106
Pressure meter Testo / 511
Temperature and Humidity meter Greisinger / GMH 3330