Do you spend considerable time on a PC?

Are you an avid gamer?

Do your kids play a lot with a gaming console?

Do your employees work long hours with computers?

Electrosensitive People

EMF sensitivity is a controversial subject, but some people are reporting being definitely sensitive when exposed to electromagnetic fields. They can “feel it in the air”, even if they cannot accurately determine the source of their annoyance, but it is there and it is surely disturbing. Commonly mentioned effects include pressure in the head or temples, headaches, increased perspiration, a feeling of stress, and even persisting fatigue, sleeping disorders, dizziness, ears’ ringing noise, or even (less frequently) skin reactions or irritation. A part of the scientific community is also concerned that chronic exposure of more sensitive people to EMFs has not been adequately researched.

Argonaut enclosures are ideal for sensitive people, who feel discomfort when working with, or are close to, emitting devices. The Argonaut development team used input by electrosensitive people to collect subjective feedback about the relief coming from the reduction in EMF intensity. The results were always positive. Argonaut is a 25-30db Faraday cage*, which means that radiation from enclosed devices will be reduced by a factor of 1:300 to 1:1000, and, although the effects of EMF are highly specific to different persons, this level of shielding generally makes a big difference.

EMF sensitivity and electrosensitive people - Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity symptoms
EMF radiation protection for family - Shielding EMR

Families and Gamers

Routine daily use of computers, gaming consoles, powerful processors and special graphics cards for serious gaming, increased reliance on being connected, often with many hours of web-surfing, these are common themes in our daily lives. Ordinary daily users are often not “tangibly” or consciously affected by surrounding EMF radiation, but may be concerned about its potentially negative side effects without having found a solution or remedy. They are caring to the environment and their families, and would be willing to reasonably invest in affordable and flexible solutions that can fit to their daily habits and home decoration. These are the people who leave nothing to chance and take pride in adopting a responsible stance against themselves and their family. Installing an Argonaut enclosure device is a rational step and a sound investment as part of a conservative lifestyle in what concerns chronic EMF exposure.

Professionals and Businesses

The large majority of today's professional people are relying on computers for their work, staying long hours with laptops and workstations, which many times are powerful and equipped with high-performance graphics cards. Sometimes these computer users are not aware of the effects of their daily 'EMF-rich' environment but might be experiencing the subtle but chronic effects of EMF radiation. Argonaut is an ideal solution for this problem and gives the opportunity to businesses to reduce the daily EMF exposure of their employees. With Argonaut this is easy, elegant and economical. Using Argonaut in the professional environment has been reported to have a clear positive effect on stress levels and productivity.

Block electromagnetic radiation at work - EMR protection
EMF protection for Scientific, medical institutions, labs or production facilities

Laboratories and Special Environments

Scientific/medical institutions or production facilities with sensitive equipment in some cases require or benefit by a low EMF environment. In such premises Argonaut can help to quiet down the electromagnetic noise of devices, or enclose sensitive equipment. Argonaut can also be produced in custom sizes and specs.

*Standard Argonaut enclosures have not been certified as lab grade Faraday cages, e.g. for RF analysis (typically with 60-80db shielding). They have  been designed and tested to shield EMF by approx. 30db.